Strategies for Success

Your Project

Download this template for a Project Summary. Complete the various sections and submit it to the BNBN team runnning your network.

The team will leverage our contacts to help accelerate your project.

Funding and Investment

Our experts will help you find the right partners, funders and investors for your project.

Each Project is taken forward under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a clear Contract on Success Fees

BNBN Project List

Check out the list of projects our members and contacts have brought forward. You may find a project to invest in; to partner with; or to learn more about. We protect the IP and confidentiality of our members projects, but we also want to save people from reinventing the wheel, again and again. 

Engaging the Diaspora

With skills, expertise and investment funds, the Diaspora in the UK is a force to be reckoned with. There are people who are looking for business opportunities and will add value to your business,Clear Objectives, careful management and transparent financial dealings are just some of the advantages they will bring.

BNBN Entrepreneur's Packs

At BNBN we have devised a number of business opportunities to help you set up in business and create a profitable business. By working with our members we have developed a selection of ready made businesses. Often built around a piece of equipment, which you have to buy, they come with the basic business plan on which you can build.

BNBN Market Opportunities

BNBN have created links with international companies, through our networks in other countries. These companies are looking for local representatives and distributors in Nigeria, business partners who will help them establish successful sales and distribution networks.